Privacy Policy

Items displayed for sale on all derive from the eBay group of websites and are not sold directly through us. We are not the owner of any items which are advertised on our website, instead we are an approved eBay partner network member that showcases their sellers products on their behalf.
No data is collected in any way from users who visit this website, nor do we employ the use of any cookies for any reason. When you visit eBay through this website, eBay may use cookies to track your computer data (not personal data).
With the exception of monitoring general traffic patterns for statistical purposes and website traffic analysis. Website statistics are stored securely and are only accessible to the owner of this site, and for general statistical use only.
This website may or may not contain links to third-party advertisers and/or websites which may or may not employ the use of cookies or web beacons. If you visit a third party website through, please make yourself familiar with and review their specific privacy policy for more information about how they collect your data, if applicable.
For more information on privacy policies – and a template for creating your own privacy policy – go to

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